Mobile AO chat app

Hey guys,
After coming back to the game I realised there’s quite an awesome community in game - yet it’s sometimes impossible to log in to talk.
What would be a good thing would be a “chat app” on the phone. Anyone uses such solutions?
Since the chat protocol is known and used by the bots, if there isn’t a ready to use solution I would just start making one - either with some server-side client and then the iOS client on top of that or just the direct connection from the phone.

What do you think or (if you thought about it before) use?

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Thats a good idea. You might want to start with inspecting Vha.Chat.

There really isn’t much of a community left that would widely use this. You are also competing against discord if you just want to chat with the community as opposed to your org. I also have never seen any instance where people would need to be in constant communication with their org. You can argue its to see if someone needs help or some sort of team is forming for general content but AO is old and people have lives and cant be constantly tied to the game. Raids nowadays are scheduled so the random forming of raid teams is few and far between (also nodrop item sellers ruined that). The population of AO (as well as a severe lack of continued development of the game itself) is a testament to how under utilized the app would be.

But if you want to make an app without weighing the facts then by all means do. But expect that it wont turn out the way you intend it to.

There is this that used to work great, has to be updated for the new server in case you want to use it there i guess.

It’s also in google play store if you don’t need to mod it.

I’ve forked & updated Android working ones in my github bitnykk · GitHub
Iirc AnarchyTalk is a little stabler than TheLeet, but that’s question of taste.
Still didn’t find any working solution for IOs though.

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So after asking around to the other active AO devs, Nady & Tyrence pointed me to a working solution based on some Rust+Docker backend socket (published by Gelbpunkt on github) plus some Vue+JS (deved by Tyrence but not yet sourced).

You can either replicate this config as i did for own private use, or also opt for public ressource hosted by Tyrence here

All in all, that solves the need for specific Ios/Ipad application development as such webservice works for any platform with browser.