AOC style fatalities would be seriously awesome

May want to have a toggle, or use the Age of Conan mechanic wherein you’re invulnerable and healing while performing a fatality.

Seriously, it would be amazing. I miss that mechanic Finishing moves are awesome. They give a greater sense of impact and victory.

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I feel like we wouldn’t need the fatalities like AoC, but instead, having the correct impact hit from different types of the weapons. We only have “chop” kills, beheading and dismemberment, that applying to sharp weapons (blades, axe). Like a friend said to me when I show the game to him back in launch week, he said that would be nice to have the other effects, like Hammer doing “smash” kills, and so on.

Archery, would be really nice to have Npc’s dying the way ppl die with arrows, instead of the arrow acting like a 2h sword and apart the oponent in half.


nothing is more funny then kicking a NPC in half!

I beg to disagree, sending Rhinos flying meters away will never get old :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eh, unique animations would be better than just detection of weapon type (though that would still be an improvement). It’s just more satisfying to do a little kill move than it is to whack someone until they fall over or fall into pieces. That’s pretty anticlimactic by comparison, imo

I get you, it would be like having a coup de grace, thats why I think if Conan Exiles had a downed state like GW2 or Rust would allow more dramatic endings.

Animations are cool, Im all in favor for more always, but having unique animations for executions can get old pretty fast, unless you have like 30 different ones each weapon, still, I like randomness.

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