Appealing a ban from around a year ago on all official servers

Hello. This is regarding a ban me and my tribe mates got on PS4 Conan Exiles around a year ago. We appear to have been banned for a wall that i made spanning the entrance to the the game, The reason being there was a player that was a problem to us that we were running out of ways to deal with. I thought I was clever in doing the wall, while allowing anyone else through. Come to find out this was against the rules, and i can see why, now. We did though try to find rules to the server months before because the same tribe the problem player was in was saying we were going to be reported for offline raiding, and thus we dug up any info on what rules existed for the official servers and just found some really obvious rules that pretty much pertain to being a somewhat decent human being and you were okay. Keep in mind, back then a google search would not come up with much when it comes to rules, with many forum posts attributing Official servers as “the wild west”.

I was able to dig up a post that my friend made back around when it happened, trying to figure out what could be done. He was not in our tribe but an ally. Edit: apparently new users cannot post links, but though a search the forum post was “Offical server pvp ban”

I am the one responsible for the wall, while one other person would help me out from time to time transporting materials it was mainly my fault, our clan of 6 or more members were banned as of my actions. Its been about a year like i said, and we now know it is against the rules, I did end up finding a post on the conan forums later in regards to the specific rule for walls. Had i known this information, and especially knowing now that my entire tribe would be banned in result it would have never been built. This was on a PvP server if that has any relevance, with enough effort it was possible to tear it down, but i digress.

I wish to plead for forgiveness for my actions, and if anything let my friends back into the game. They would all like to try the new content the game has to offer, as would I. If anything can be done i can give information of who was effected by the ban. Again, I am sorry and I feel like all of our stuff with months of time dedicated to the game now lost, and i think a year of time banned should be enough. We were never manipulating anything in the game, and I dont know if its even possible, but not hacking on PS4 either.

I Would greatly appreciate a response. I have gotten nowhere the past year with the few times I have tried to contact funcom/gportal and Battle eye. Each company that has responded saying to go to someone else. Just got done talking to GPortal which said that Funcom forums handles this, so here I am. Although I could not see a place for this thread, so I apologize if this is the wrong spot

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I believe each person affected will need to contact one of the Community Managers in a direct/private message.
What I suggest is that each person posts into this forum and ask Ignasis to increase their account privileges so they can send him a direct message.

Alright I will try this.


Hey there @OddityLive

Although we would have preferred getting in touch privately, we can just use this message to provide you with an answer to your plea.
We do rarely issue bans and they’re usually for very grave offenses. One of them is walling off the desert area preventing total gameplay to other players in that server. For that reason, the ban is permanent and not to be lifted.
Access to single player, cooperative and private servers is still allowed after a ban.


Rules are rules, but nevertheless this seems a very hard consequence, when this has been done unintentionally. For me the arguments of the user and his excuses seam to be reasonable. If it has been the first time, the ban should not be permanent - it seems harder then the consequences you get when you drive a car drunken and loose your license only a few months… But if this behaviour happens repeatedly, then the ban should be permanent. This is what my heart says - with all respect.

I used this opportunity to start a search for rules on official servers - but I found nothing, only forum rules.

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We’re going to proceed to close this thread as this is not the place nor way to dispute a ban.
If you require further clarification on this ban in particular, however, you can check this thread where we specifically mention this one reason:

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