AppHangB1 Error in Windowed Fullscreen mode

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash/Bug
Crash dump link:

Occasionally, while Conan Exiles is running in Windowed Fullscreen mode, the game will freeze up and slow my whole system to a crawl if I click outside of the game to another program. I have dual screens and I have YouTube or a music player and now the Task Manager running opposite to the game on the second display. When I can get the Task Manager to finally respond to End Task the game, it gives the “…has stopped responding” popup with an AppHangB1 label. It’s not EVERY time I click outside of the game but it’s fairly frequent.

Repro steps:

  1. Have multiple displays
  2. Start the game executable in Windowed Fullscreen
  3. Play for a bit then try clicking outside of the game back to the desktop or another program
  4. Try again and again until it freezes up the game.

(Great job turning this game around by the by, it’s come a very long way! :smiley:)