Windowed Fullscreen: Game ALWAYS jumps to 2nd monitor

When Conan Exiles first released back in early 2017, (Borderless) windowed fullscreen mode worked flawlessly. Then, at some point (Might have been close to the frozen north update) whenever I would try to play in windowed fullscreen, the game immediately snaps to my 2nd monitor and stays there. I have tried every way in the world that I can think of to fix this on my end, but it still happens every time.

System Specs.
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i5-4670k @ 3.40GHz
2x NVidia Geforce 970’s in SLI
All graphics drivers are current version 397.31 (4/25/2018)

Monitor #1 Hanns-G 27" HL272HPB (1920x1080)
Monitor #2 Dell 23" P2210 (1680x1050)

I’ve tried disabling SLI, switching all the video cables around between HDMI, DVI and Displayport. The Monitor #1 is set to primary in both windows and the nvidia control panel, and still, the game jumps over to Monitor #2 (The dell) whenever I use borderless windowed.
If I try to use fullscreen, it seems like it won’t use the right resolution, since it smashes my desktop icons and windows all up. This happens even though the game and monitor are both set to 1920x1080 resolution.

The only way I’m able to play the game on my big primary monitor is to launch the game in windowed mode, then press alt+enter (the fullscreen hotkey combo) which causes the game to instantly jump to monitor #2. Then I have to use Windows+Shift+Arrow key to move it back over to my primary monitor, and then use alt+enter again to make it full screen. It will usually stay this way until I do something like enter the admin menu, in which case when I press escape to exit out of the menu, the game goes back to windowed and I have to do the hotkeys all over again.

This game, and PUBG are the ONLY games that I have that behave in this manner. Maybe this is some sort of engine issue?
Has anyone else using a similar dual monitor setup had issues of this kind? If anyone has any recommendations, I’m happy to hear them.
Thanks in advance for reading.

Edit: Corrected the hotkey combos