How can i put sceond monintor as principal for this game

when i launch conan exiles, always appears in the principal monitor, i want to change to second monitor as default, and dont change every time the graphics options.

If you put the game in windowed mode can you drag it to the other monitor. Just asking, I have never tried it.

yes thats whati do, put on window mode, drag, then press ‘return’ so it goes back to fullscreen, but on other monitor.

Fullscreen games only run on the primary display/monitor.

There are some exceptions where the developers implemented that you can chose a display. Conan is not the case.

You can try windowed mode and move it to other displays.

Bad news, So, the best solution is change to “windowed mode” move to second display and revert changes, the game shows now in the display that i want.

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Glad ya figured it out. :upside_down_face:

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