Launch options on startup

Is there a complete list of functional launchoptions for the game anywhere? I am specifically looking for one that lets me select which monitor the game defaults to in windowed-fullscreen or regular fullscreen.

Hmmm, not sure about launch options, but that should be something editable in the ini’s. If you need directory direction assistance, I can do so in a few hours when I’m home from evil work.

You can start steam in Big Picture mode (view menu option then big picture). Then select Settings cog top right. Then select resolution from the left under display. Then select your second monitor via the drop down list. Accept the warning about it not being your primary window.

It will restart steam in big picture mode on the other monitor. If it doesn’t appear on second monitor just try it again. I had to do it twice for some reason.

Now when you start your games, they will appear on the second monitor.

EDIT: Should mention you can make Big Picture mode run windowed in case u you dont want fullscreen for steam by going to settings (top right cog), then Interface (bottom left under Display heading). Now you can select Start Big Picture Mode Windowed. You can also make Steam start in Big Picture mode by default too, if you don’t want to switch between regular steam and Big Picture.

You mean like -windowed in the Launch Options at Steam? I have never seen a comprehensive list, and I’ll see if i can find one.

The only settings I could find was the one below, but it doesn’t work for Conan, has to be an sdl game (whatever that is).


But here is the most comprehensive list I could find.

I’ll give this a try, thanks!

It seems that this also changed what is my main monitor, and I can’t have that happen :confused: Thanks for the help tho!

That didn’t happen for me. So your toolbar at the bottom changed, like notifications? Nothing changed at all for me, except game started on other monitor. Very strange.

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