Aquilonian Exiles RP/PVP Server

We are a casual RP/PVP server. We have an active admin team and rules that govern, RP/PVP/Raiding/Building. We host events more than twice a week and events are either led by the players or the admin team. We have lots of different types of events, RP/PVP/PVE. We have built a long standing community that we would love for you to join, but if your goal is to be disruptive, then perhaps this is not the server for you. We are a noob friendly server and we focus on having fun!


Great server: Lots of admin involvement

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I could not find an address for the Discord. I would like to join the server but do not have access to the password. Could someone post it pleasE?

email [email protected]

Hi! What are you server settings, raiding hours, server location etc. ? Thank you!