Archer ,Fighter and entertainer placement issues

. In addition there is another bug with placement that occurs sometimes even with entertainers. When you move them they either have the wrong facing and gradually turn towards the right facing after placement, or their name tag goes to the location and they dont. Some of the time the placement is correct and instantaneous, but the remainder of the time it isnt.

the new thrall AI makes it so they don’t stand at readdy anymore.
and can use different weapons if the weapon is in their inventory.
give the archers a bow and a sword, or daggers. give the fighters sword and board and a polearm etc.

even though the inventory slots are not showing, if you press “give” from your inven the slots will show again.

as for the agro, they only seem to fight if the player or player property takes damage.

they dont use the weapons at all atm for some reason

as far as original issue it is resolved thanks

I really miss the ability to preview thrall placing and rotate them, so they face the desired direction. Anyone know if this is a bug?

I don’t “know” it’s a bug. but I think it is, because it happened in one of the TL patches was fixed in the next, then recurred in the one after that.

All Archers don’t equip their bow, the bow goes directly from the mainhand to their inventory. Don’t know if they gonna shoot against an enemy. PC-Private server.

They are supose to equip when they go in to combat, not when they just stand ther.