[BUG] Thrall Archers Agro issues and issues disengaging and reengaging from combat

Game mode: Private
Problem: Bug

My friends an I playing on a private server have noticed some issues with getting an archer thrall to agro and attack enemy NPCs.

Expected result: Thralls equipped with Bows and arrows will attack enemy NPCs once they come into range and disengage as they leave range no matter if the bow is equipped to the main hand or in their inventory.

Observed result: Thrall does not engage enemy no matter how close you bring them unless you manually place the loaded bow from their inventory into their main hand.

Repro steps:

  1. Place Archer thrall. (We used Nordhiemer Archer IIs).
  2. Place arrows in inventory for archer thrall to use with the bow that is already there.
  3. Make sure bow is loaded and there are spare arrows.
  4. Kite an enemy NPC into range of the thrall.
  5. Thrall will not equip bow or fire at enemy.

While testing this, we found that if you take all the weapons from the thrall, exit their inventory then re-enter their inventory and place their weapons back into their inventory (but not into their main hand) they will function as expected, automatically equipping the bow and firing at the enemy NPC in their range with no more interaction from players.

If required we can provide a video of this bug and the workaround in action.

Thanks for the interesting feedback alistarr. This issue is bothering me.
About your workaround, did you log out after having used this “solution”? and have you logged back in since that?
I ask because i remember having experienced the same thing : “redragging” weapons in the slots of the archer wil fix him but only for a while.
So my guess was that everytime you log out, the workaround resets. But this was in SP. I wll try and test it in PVE as soon as i put my hands on an archer.

As far as I can tell logging out does not effect this behaviour. In SP the act of you logging out would reset the SP server and possibly the behaviour we’re seeing where as this is an always up server remotely hosted so doesn’t reset if there is no one connected.

yeah thanks makes sense, but when the server restarts or stops for an update, everything might be reset, right?

Absolutely but, no ones gonna take a server down every 10 mins to make thralls work.

Same issue as described above.

Thanks for the workaround and now waiting for an official fix.

also of note: If you where clan-less then join a clan, those archers will see you as an enemy. Not really part of your bug/problem but it is funny to see the useless blind archers get amazing when you are the enemy.