Archers. Dont let them die in this game

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“The heavy attack is now a chargeable, aimed shot. Holding down the Heavy Attack button increases the damage of the shot and if you hold it for long enough the shot becomes a Power Shot, with a flatter trajectory. Perfect for sniping!”

  1. after new patch, heavy attack dmg became the same as the light attack. is it bug or nerf?

  2. very often during the attack the bow has animation but there is no shot and arrow. mb finally fix it? its not a new bug.

  3. not bug but question: mb need to set headshot dmg by bow as default (mb nerf it to 30% not 50)? and give 30% or mb 20% penetration to 5th perk just for bows? Cuz bow dmg is incredibly low… its just usless. i attack with bow JUST for see HP of target. and stay afk waiting when thrall do all work. cuz it is usless to waste arrows… i do 1\8 of targets health with headshot with 120 bow dmg, when thrall need 1-2 hits… this is in PVE
    in pvp targets dont want to die too. it is hard to hit someone with bow and now there is no dmg too if u hit… and this is if target dont use OP shield with giant hitbox that covers legs, when there is no shield model on legs…
    sry for bad english

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