Archery bugs on PS4 that make me want to break my controller

Game mode: [Online | private multiplayer server
Problem: [Bug]

I have an archer build and usually I sneak and pick off enemies. A good portion of the time I aim to get a headshot and it just deflects right off their head. I’ve tried this against animals too. Other times, I pull back and release and no arrow flies at all but I lose arrows. And to top it off, my favorite. sometimes in close range I lock on and use the special attack feature to launch arrows faster, but they just fly up in the air over his head or of the such. Even when standing still.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.use a bow
2.get some arrows
3.go kill a couple hundred exiles
4.only use your bow to kill and try for long range sneak shots.

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I agree, these bugs regarding archery are a pain, and they’re on all platforms annoyingly. Seeing a power shot harmlessly bounce off an enemy’s head is the most infuriating thing I’ve experienced lately.

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Hey there @PsychUnicorn

Welcome to our community.
Our team is aware of some problems still affecting archery and they’re looking into them.
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the frustrations :frowning:

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