Ps4 Bow Powershot bug

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Ocassionally this bug happens i had it happen near narrowneck span for sure and a few other places. The arrow will quite literally bounce off of someone and do no damage at all like i had the perk ricochet and had shot a rock. Its quite bothersome
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get a bow
  2. Use flint arrows
  3. Power shot an enemy from a distance
  4. Watch.

It does it for all arrows. You don’t see the arrow for a few seconds and then it’s ricocheing off someone’s bare head.

Using snake arrows with my bow, and the powershot ALWAYS bounce off, doing zero damage… Great rework huh!?

I had not tried it with other arrows at the time as i had just made a new toon lol.

That sucks I love the bow rework only time I’ve seen a arrow bouncing off of objects is when I miss

Hey there,

We have taken note of this issue and informed our team about it. Thanks for reporting your feedback!
Just to have some additional info, does this issue occur every time while playing online? Does it happen when playing offline? Is it consistently happening?
Thanks again!


En hors ligne aussi.

as well

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For me it only happens online as i only play online lol. I’ve not tried it on single player. As for consistensy it is nearly is neary every shot. Some land but 99-100 don’t. heres hoping it gets fixed soon. Thats Ignasis i hope the extra info helps!

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I can confirm it happens offline as well, but with less frequency, normal shots will always hit (provided you actually aim obviously), but I’d say in single player, roughly every 1 in 10 power shots will actually do damage.

I’ve only tried with bone, flinthead, ironhead and razor arrows.

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