Archivist not in map room

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: USA

Iv’e been to the Archivist room twice and the there is nobody there when I arrive. Iwas level 42 the first time and level 51 the second and the journey step is on my list to be done.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

He does get overlooked by people from time to time since he is a ghost. Don’t know if that’s the issue but the wiki has a good picture of him for reference.

Otherwise it’s not an issue I have seen before.


Hi tbenne and welcome to our community. Sometimes the Archivist spawns on the dunes outside, directly above the Archives where we are supposed to meet him. If you enter via the door as you normally would, walk down to the map itself then look upwards. You will see a large round hole or skylight in the ceiling of the room. You could try to climb up there if you think you can make it. Or mark the spot on the map then walk around and up to the top there.

I have noticed that his spawning is a bit erratic. However a number of people have now said that they tend to have a better chance of finding him if they enter via the roof, as opposed to the door. Just keep travelling away and back again, and he will eventually spawn in. If you have any further questions please just ask; we are here to help. Good luck, and let us know if you succeed hey.


Thank you for the information, I thought about it and realized I had not died in a while and had haerd that works on other problems on the PC so I killed myself and went back and he was there. Don’t know if that helped or just going back enough times was the answer but it worked and I now have the map room. Thanks again for the timely response.


The first time I found the Archivist, he standing on the dunes near the hole that @Croms_Faithful talked about. The entire time we played in that server, he was never in the room. He was always up on the dunes.

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Anyway, when some NPC is missing, simply exit and re-enter game, usually it respawns in the correct spot!

Youre most welcome tbenne, glad I could help. Its amazing just how much a quick trip away and back again will actually fix I find. Its good that it was nice and straightfoward.

Yeah its weird, he tends to get around a bit on my game, sometimes he is in the room itself and stationary, other times he is walking around up top on the dunes. Maybe he just wants some fresh air and a change of scenery now and then. A bit like Nunu the Cannibal I guess. But either way, he is almost always at one of those two spots.

This is mostly a singleplayer fix.

Since servers reset at set time (instead of everytime SP player logs out) mis-spawned npc wont reset if you log out and back in on Server based play since its not based around you.

In Sp if you spawn one of “talk” npcs, with admin panel (on ps4 anyway) they walk towards there default location.

Cause before, he would just be missing (and not be up top) and if I spawned him lets say otherside of room, he would walk over map to right spot.

Mountain man did same, He wasnt up top, so I spawed him below in valley… and he then went walking into wall for enternty till I removed him. XD

LOL poor mountain man!

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