The Archivist is still missing in single player

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

The Archivist is still not showing up in the map room for single player. You have to log out and then log back in to even see him.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the map room in the forbidden city on single player
  2. Look for the missing archivist

Probably the same rendering issue that affects single player in general. Leaving the area, or as you did, relogging, will often fix the issue.

Hi there Nethermore. Sometimes the Archivist spawns on the dunes outside, directly above the Archives where we are supposed to meet him. If you enter via the door as you normally would, walk down to the map itself then look upwards. You will see a large round hole or skylight in the ceiling of the room. You could try to climb up there if you think you can make it. Or mark the spot on the map then walk around and up to the top there.

I have noticed that his spawning is a bit erratic. However a number of people have now said that they tend to have a better chance of finding him if they enter via the roof, as opposed to the door. Just keep travelling away and back again, and he will eventually spawn in. If you have any further questions please just ask.


I had no issues finding the archivist after the update. I can see him from the above and in the archive. Xbox one x, singleplayer

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