Missing Archivist

Hey so I just made it through all the skeletons and passed a dragon to get into the Archives and I’m now standing in the map room and have attuned to the obelisk right out front… Where is the Archivist? I can’t find him anywhere nor can I find any sort of note or lore piece that would maybe make him pop up- I think there’s just a bug and he’s not appearing.

Which platform are you on? Are you playing single-player or multiplayer?

Singleplayer- is he not supposed to show up that way?

I am also having this problem, single player Xbox One. Also, my single player game is now 2 patches old, if that matters.

I am on the PS4 version of exiles. I am level 60 and the Archivist does not spawn. Please could this be addressed via the next update? Thank you.

Im on xbox,i had the same problem with the archivist not appearing.
So i went afk for 5 mins and when i came back he was there.
So just hang in there for a few mins and he will appear,not ideal but it works.

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I’m on xbox and was having the same problem. What fixed it for me was exiting to the main menu when I was in the archives (map room) and then log back in; and when I did the archivist was there!

In SP i had all 2 cases. On mal i went to the city and he wasn’t in the archive, the next was i found him.
SP is still bit more tedious for the npc apparition at my experience, maybe because the world isn’t realy persistent.

I would waite a while, then like an other person said, maybe try a re-log, or in the worst case come back an other mal. Sorry !