Archpriest spawn % fix

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

Official Server #1082
You can’t summon gods because archpriest chance for spawn is = 0
My Clan playing on server from the beginning of the official release of the game.
Any member of server can confirm this that you can’t summon Gods.
Please fix this problem.

the archpriest chance to spawn is 1% so if you dont find it you are unlucky bro thats all

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We check respawn places many times in day so I don’t think is unlucky. Game is about Avatars and I dont know why is only 1 % chance to get archpriest when Avatars are nerfed.

well percentages is a percentage and thus if you are unlucky you can farm a place more than 10.000 times and still not get an arch priest.
1% chance is a chance calculated each time a priest spot is spawned.
so next time you slaughter to force new spawn, there is an 1% chance and so on and so forth.

but reason they changed the chance to 1% was that it was WAY to easy to farm, and potentially destroy weeks if not months of farming, grinding and building within a few hours due to high priests being “common” spawn.

therefore they changed them to be very ware due to them being so powerful - yes even after nerf. so imo its fine as is. as of right now, people don’t just use T3 alters, and arch priests every single raid pass, but save them up for that really powerfull enemy main base.