Are the Gods to overpowering?

Some clans have taken over servers. Due to the Gods.

In fact most clans did abuse the fact that they could dupe archpriests during the first days after launch. It is impossible to see that many T3 altars with god protection without cheating considering how slow spawn rates are in official servers.

It takes an average 25 hours (1500 minutes) in official servers to get an Archpriest on any spawn point if you instantly kill non archpriests once they spawn.
My math was: 1% spawn rate , respawn timer of 15 minutes. That means I would need to kill an average 100 priests every 15 minutes to get an archpriest. That is 1500 minutes.

IMO archpriests should die after use.

A lot of people we wipe out complain because you can take out the whole base. They say conan didn’t summon Gods. Why not use brass knuckles and other hand weapons and fight.

That’s not how chance works. Every time a priest spawns it has a 1.5% chance to be an archpriest. It has nothing to do with how much you sit there or how many times you kill it. So that means you could kill it 10000 times and never see one spawn or you could find 3 in a row.

god are a good thing but not like it is rigth now, it’s not balanced.

Imo Set attaque have a problem with hit box as it oneshoot any T3 building when you need more than one god to destroy something with other god.

You can whacth JustHorse youtube chanel he made good video about god

Derketo :

Ymir :

Yog :

Mitra :

Set :

Do you even math bro? The amount of times you kill a priest does determine how much time you will need “in average” to get an archpriest.

For example, if there was a 10% of one meteor landing to the earth every hour, the average time of a meteor landing to the earth will be 10 hours.

If the chances of getting an archpriest after a kill are 1.5% once every 15 minutes, then you can estimate the AVERAGE time you will need to get multiple archpriests. You can get 3 archpriests in 45 minutes or in 4000 minutes, but the AVERAGE time will be calculated as I did.

Just because you kill the priest 100 times does not guarantee that you will get one to spawn. They are not mutually exclusive that’s not how odds or probability works. Lets say you have a 100 sided dice and are trying to roll a 1. Each time you roll the dice you have a 1% chance to land on the 1. You could roll a 1 on your first try or you could go for hours without hitting a 1. The probability is generated each time you roll the dice and it does not stack up. Your odds do not improve the more you roll the dice.

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You still need to learn math. Yet chances remain the same after each roll, you can still estimate an average number of rolls you will need to get the result you were expecting. Of course there will be a deviation if you do just a few rolls, but if you were to perform this scenario 1 billon times you will see that the average number of rolls will be always almost the same.

I never said that you had a guaranteed Archpriest after killing 100, but that it is the AVERAGE number you will need to kill.

Why do I need to learn math? You seem like a salty ■■■■ that has no idea what he is talking about. Just because there is an AVERAGE baseline doesn’t mean you are going to find yourself on the curve. You better just pray to RNGesus and hope he is a merciful.

Chances of needing to kill more than 200 priests are below 15%, if needed I know how to estimate how much it will take me. No need to pray if you know some math. I like eat my math books with salt.
In conclusion, taking into account the average time needed to farm an archpriest it is clear that some clans duplicated archpriests during the first days after launch since it was statistically nearly impossible to get that many in so little time.

RNG stands for random number generator combine that with Jesus and you get RNGesus. Your not really praying your hoping for the system to generate the correct number or… to spawn the archpriest. I bet you don’t even know the formula to calculate the probability of non mutually exclusive events. Stop acting tough on the internet boy and go do your homework.

I love math but here’s my response just 2 days ago I farm the set city for 4 and a half hours and got 3 archpriests yesterday I farmed it for 6 hours and only got 1. My best result was last week I farmed it for 3 hours and received 3. So my answer is simple quit complaining and just got farm set city until you get at least one don’t be a quiter

Oh so that’S the problem…

I wondered how is it that EVERYONE around me can get the exact thralls they want but I am struggling to even see a named one. Now I know it is because I am ateist. :smiley:

just kidding ofc but this random system is so dumb. we have a quite large map with all those even little settlements… they should make all the named thralls to be in one specific location like 95% of the time.
Like Freya for instance. Or Beri. (the same spot) but Beri half naked version is rare-er.
I would be totally okay with that system for every named thralls.

Maybe they would have a chance of being in one of like 3 places (close to each other) but that’s all.
But not like 1.5% and sharing that with 10 other named thrall like BS in set city or the black galeon or den.
Pretty hard to get the ONE we need exactly.

for instance I could not get neither Enis Ironworker or whatever, nor Ghamin the Worn from the Wikipedia listed places in my 900+ hours ingame Including EA and post launch times.

So how I supposed to make a Flawless Epic Zamorian armor? when the only one who can make flawless and I could find refuses to show her recipes on the improved bench. (Irniz of the Furnace)