Where is the archpriests?

I seen in videos some locations but the videos are all a year old and im having difficulties finding the one from mitra

i need info about that too, as i know in the last information you need to “tame” high priest then you have 1% of chance to have arch priest but it’s only a voice info we really need to understand that.
In the last days we have “tamed” like 15 Set’s high priest, no good results, i’m not sure works like that.

We just got one today, its just a very rare spawn, if you know the location, mitra’s serenity, sinners refuge, mitra priests spawn there and we got one off theren you just need a lot of luck and a lot of tries, every priest that spawns can be an archpriest, we got really lucky

There are alot of locations though, those are just 2 I know for mitra, you could get lucky and find one on the first try, our guys spent 5 hours straight running between the camps, nothing, and the first day after the first camp had an archpriest

Anywhere there is a priest to be found, you have a chance to find an archpriest.
Have found about 12 of them since the EA…from any religion except from derketho and ymir (who are called lvl 3 priests but are actually archpriests too i guess, never tried to summon an ymir avatar with those though…)
Farm camps a lot and you’ll find one…but it can take a very long time indeed.

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You are correct about the Nordheim Priest 3 being the one needed for Ymir.

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