Jhebbal sag Archpriest

Hi guys!

I’m playing on an official g-portal pvp server. I noticed some troubles about jhebbal sag archipriest. We looked for him since 3 weeks, every day, up to 20 respawn attempts tried but he never came. I notice that we don’t have any base in the den biome, so we can’t catch hime during the purge.

I read he was pretty easy to make him respawn but, comparitively, we found 2 yog, 2 ymir, 2 set, 3 Mitra…

Does someone have the same issue?
Thanks a lot

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haven’t tried as hard yet but have tried for a few days now with no spawn. which spots are you checking in the den? I’m checking the main campfire on the west side and the ledge where the named archer spawns

Den definitely has a 2-3 dedicated Priest spawns and a few shared.

I got a named Jhebbal Sag priest in the Den…

I personally have seen 1 archpriest but I have seen/captured about 10 T4 jhebbal sag priests until I get that 1 archpriest in The Den. There are 2 dedicated priest spawns and I would say it is more likely to get a named than a t3.

Well, we found one of them, maybe the spawn rate is super low finally…

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Used to not be able to go to the den without finding a named or archpriest. Hopefully they have corrected the spawn rate so that it is not so high. Unfortunately for you, you’re probably just seeing the result of that

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