Locating named priests

Trying to locate where the named priests spawn. I knew there is a JhebbalSag named priest that spawns in the den but have not seen other named priests. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve seen Set Arch priest in Sepermeru and black galleon.
Mitra arch priest at Mitra’s Serenity
Derkato Arch priest at the Pagoda of Boundless Lust … either on the small hill to the left of the pagoda or around the campfire you reach by going to the left around the larger hill instead of right up to the pagoda.
Yog arch priest in the desert in The Summoning Place.

Not talking arch priest but thanks. Talking about the named priest. They might spawn in the same spots but not sure.

Then the priest page on conan exiles wiki is where you should look;


Some are purge only thralls.
Others do not have a location listed.

Thank you. Seems most are from the purge. Can find Derketo and JhebbalSag in the open world.

You can also get Mitra priest or arch priest in sinners refuge

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