Yog Archpriest Please Help!

I have a question, I need a high priest yog … I have about 100 priests and I am still not born, maybe someone can tell me if this is possible and why the religion set has a x3 multiplier for masks and the rest of religion has x1 ?? it is unfair

There are $ spawn locations for the Yog Archpriest (priest and high priest are worthles, and more decoration than anything else.)
The Black Galleon (very rare, as it shares with Mitra and Set for randomizing)
The Summoning place
1 Camp on a ledge to the east betwteen the desert and the light green jungle. Can’t remember off hand.
And 1 some where south west of the summoning place I beleive.

As for the zeal rate, yeah, there is some major balance issues on grinding them. Your best bet is to just do the yog meat if you are doing a yog. At least you get some heals out of the effort.

There’s also a spawn point next to the tower of bats. Yog is the only good with a 1-1 zeal ratio. Set is 6-1 with the masks, derk and jsag are 4-1, ymir and mira are 2-1, although ymir takes 150 for lvl 2 alter.


I do not understand the promotion of a god set in the congratulations my colleague on the same server hit the archpriest set 3 times and I do 100 times 0 so it is not very good that all gods are not treated the same

Well I’m guessing here but I think they made it like that because every god is different and you are supposed to use them all not just one god for everything. For example if you want protection - go set, but the avatar kinda sucks after the nerf, no dmg no high bases raid… which basically makes you use that god only for protection. On the other side if you want good avatar, big time dmg, then it’s normal to cost you more.

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