No yog archpriest in the game

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

[Theres no yog archpriest in the game i killed at least 100 yog priest and yog high priest but theres no yog archpriest]

Yes there is go to the black ship in the desert I have a you archpriest

I tryed to farm it in the invocation place but theres none il try to look in ship now

Even in ship theres no archpriest

The pirate ship in the desert has a random chance to spawn an archpriest of different religions.
I’m quite sure I’ve seen one of Yog there, you might have to try a few times before you see one.
I wish you the best of luck, you’re gonna need it.

Fairly certain I saw one there the first time I cleared it… the ship that is. The Summoning Place probably wont spawn one though, far to easy an area for an archpriest.

I’ve gotten two from the summoning place, the difficulty of the area doesn’t seem to matter.

They are rare. It may take more than a few times. I’ve been farming The Black Galleon for all the rares for a few days (many hours) and have seen only one Archpriest and it was for Set. In that time, I’ve seen neither Mitra, nor Yog though I know they exist from previous experience.

Just like in all of that time, I’ve only gotten a single Conchaka of Hyrkania, yet have many Galter, Braggi and Cruaidh; one Arvad, but several Maev; one Rayne yet multiple Sigyn; one Shendelzare yet many Ogrus, Irniz, Jehungir and Joka. Many Saddur, Vanko, Vatessa, but only one Valenso, Imiu and Danyo. On the same token, many hours farming Sepermeru has resulted in countless Luba, Hyam, Thutmekri, Beli, Mandughai and Inigo, but only one Lissa, Bragoras, Dono, Amzadi, Olena and Daya (I used to get tons of Daya before Launch).

Of course, it has also netted many thousands of hides and a few thousand various other resources such as iron, steel, thick leather, etc. I can’t really say exactly how many hours, but over thirty levels of just farming thralls mainly in these two locations and to a lesser degree, The Den. It is random though, so you could get lucky and have a completely different experience.

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I have archipriest of yog xd (in the black hand) but i need set or mitra :frowning: