Yog's Archpriest and Chosen

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I’m looking for a Yog’s Chosen Thrall (a Confessor in particular) that can make a better Yog’s Mace.
When i look at an interactive Map, i can see the spawn points and i farm them actively.
My question is : i can find some Yog’s Archpriest, that don’t have any specialization, but no Yog’s Chosen.

Am i just unlucky ? Is there any tips to know about this point ?

Thanks (and sorry for my approximate english).


Just unlucky, it’s very RNG based.

Yog Archpriests seemed to take a hit on spawn rates awhile back. My clan and I were always in search of them so had a few from the places they regularly spawn but in all that time only found one Yog’s Chosen.

Good or good & only source of T4 thralls may be purges. I wanted to check out Darfari Purge in search of T4 Yog priest thralla, but it won’t start.

Ok thanks ! So i’m just unlucky, good to know. I will keep killing all those priests around.

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compare to other priest, it is a bit easier to find because he have serval spawn locations. so keep hope .and wish me luck in finding the priest [confessor] of derketo


Good luck!!

I’ve never personally found one but a buddy found and gave me one and my clanmate grinded for days for another :slight_smile:

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I only hope that one day funcom will fix the spawn rate… :,(

And thanks you :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is by far one of the easiest spawns. Like @MENISTHETURK said it has multiple spawns but for me the most easy spawn was always across the bat tower. From this little camp I may farmed 90% of my jogs chosens. If you didn’t understand the camp tell me to send better instructions. Good luck :+1:t6:.
@MENISTHETURK, fix a derketo Altair in jungle and maybe your luck will change…
Just saying.

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