Issues with starting Darfari Purge on solo Exiled Lands map

OK so I’m playing on Sony PlayStation 4 console model CUH-1004A. I builded a small round outpost in front of Darfari captial where I want to Darfari Purge to spawn. I’m in early end-game stage of playing Exiled Lands. I want to start getting everything that’s rare and hard to get. I want to hunt down Yog T4 priests. Raiding capital is getting me only T4 weapon damage priests so I quess I need to start farming Darfari Purges in order to get T4 Yog armourer and builder[increased durability].
But Purges seems not to spawn in that area at all. I’ve got outpost located up North and there’s no bigger issue with triggering launching one when I’m close enuff to one of my north outposts. It takes arround 15-16 minutes after logging into my solo world to start a Purge in one of my northern outposts.
I tried looking for a spot which will trigger my Darfari purge but with no luck. I tried waiting for arround 20 minutes arround my Darfari outpost in different locations all in Darfari Purge showed on Purge map.

Even after like 1-2h sessions where I was messing arround I had no luck spawning this Purge.
After some time I started thinking maybe my Purge level is too high or something. This Purge is lvl 1 up to 4 while my Settings is set to Purge lvl 6. But after reading pinned topic about Purges in Conan Exiles/General Discussion/Players helping Player section this can’t be the issue as they say there that having Lvl 6 may trigger Purges lvl 1 as well.
So what I’m doing wrong? Do you guys have tips how to start it? Or maybe it’s a topic for PlayStation Bug Reports section?

Newb river is in a “no-purge” zone.

Thanks again for your videos @Wak4863!

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This is not the case. My outpost isn’t located in that area. Like I writed above - it’s in front of Darfari captial.

Sorry, “Darfari capital” is pretty vague. :man_shrugging:
I took a guess that you meant the largest Darfari camp just outside The Dregs, at Skulker’s End, which is in the no purge zone. There is “The Summoning Place,” is that what you’re calling their capital?

Anyway, if you are not within the no purge zone then I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. Best of luck to you.

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Yes. Summoning Place. Every coloured icon on map is considered “capital” of an area right? Summoning Place is Darfari capital. This is me having bad memory for Exiled Lands locations names plus playing the game in polish language.
Anywayz thanks for trying your best to help me out. My topic got no attention if it weren’t for you bro.

I just realised I allready obtained T4 Yog armourer priest.

I obtained him during Mitra Purge where I was hunting for T4 Zath priests. All this time I thought I’m encountering a bug because I tried to put that T4 Yog priest in Zath altar. This game got a light year of secrets.

Purges in Single-Player are real jerks anyway. Despite the ages-old rule that the Purge should trigger in the base closest to the players’ current location, it seems to be really selective. I could camp at my Volcano base or north of Sepermeru for hours without a Purge, but as soon as I teleport to the Jungle, a Purge starts targeting my Jungle base.

This may have something to do with the Purge level setting in Server settings, I guess. I mean, if the Purge leve is set too low, higher tier Purges may be excluded from the possibly triggering ones, and if only high-tier Purges are available in a certain region, they could not launch.

That said, the area around the Summoning Place should have lower-tier Purge options.

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