Siptah archpriests axe of adventurer

Does anyone know where the ymir and yog archpriest spawn on siptah? Or where location of this axe of adventirer is ive been searching for months

Ymir T4 Named Priest spawns on the top floor of the Rave in the Rubble (Border of G/H 5)

Haven’t seen a static Yog priest outside of a Dafari Surge that I recall

where ymir archpriest spawns is also the adventurers axe… its on ground level when u enter from the rubble side (and archer and fighter is on a campfire there ) u kill em , and proceed inside the building… right before the stairs u will see a dead body . the axe spawns there…

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El pontĂ­fice de yog se obtiene cuando creas una purga del sur

Yog’s Pontiff is obtained when you create a Southern Purge

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