I'm so angry there's no excuse for this

Archpriest spawn rates, i’ve been farming 3 spawn points for 6 hours. The NEED for god bubbles to protect against mega clan alliances is so disgusting that there’s no reason to have an RNG priest farm system. Make it a ridiculous amount of farming, make it 6 hours of farming! or 12! Just don’t make it RNG for something so critical to base defense.

it can get way more abuse if highpriests are garantee spawn…think about it

I’d agree that their spawn rate can go a little bit higher tho

We’re currently looking at the spawnrate for the Achrpriests :slight_smile:

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Dude, don’t rely on the avatar protection - it doesn’t work against Set avatar attack.

We spend 8h in looking for an archpriest, activate the defense and couple of hours latter been attacked like there isn’t any at all - inside the bubble.

So just imagine how frustrating is to spend that much time on it and find it’s not working. :slight_smile:
If you are angry now - don’t wanna know how you gonna react if this happens. :smiley:

only 6? i’ve grinned for about 20 hours, but than get 3 archpriests almost in a row

Tascha, there was talk about high priests being able to activate god shields. This seems like a good idea. Was that idea tossed out? If so, why?

I have no idea but I try to find out :slight_smile:

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