Are Biles working as intended? Biles overwrite the food buff :(

Pretty much as the subject says.
I put a Bile of Strength on my Tenderizer, and when I equip it, I notice the +15% Strength Weapon Damage buff appears on screen rather than modifying the weapon. Okay, that’s fine.

But, then I noticed the icon shaped like a steak next to it, and realized the food buff I had was gone.
Put the weapon away, watched the buff fade away; okay, that part makes sense.
Then took another Hearty Feast for the Follower Damage buff 'cause I’m still a thrall scrub, and equipped the weapon again, and watched the Follower Damage buff from food fade away while the Strength Weapon Damage one slides in.

So it’s overwriting the food buff, apparently. Is this working as intended?
Siptah vets, is this how they used to work before the update?

Well that’s annoying because i was hoping for equipment buffs again.

I think this has to do with the new change that you can only have a maximum of 2 buffs and every buff in the game was sorted in one of those 2 categories.
A potion and a foodbuff, there is no more stacking of potions etc.

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