Are server ratings bugged?

In the server browser, no matter how I order and/or filter the servers, the only values I get in the “Rating” column are “0/5” or “Official”.

Is this a bug? Are there servers with different ratings? If so, can anyone please give me an example or two? I don’t care what rating it has, as long as it’s not “0/5”.

Thanks in advance!


Ratings do not work.
Age does not work.
Ping does not work!!!
Level does not work.

And it’s been that way forever it seems - for at least a year!

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Server ratings have never worked. Good news is the flyin mounts are almost here. I got over 500 bombs from the bomb dupe just waitin. lolv

Yep, server ratings have been broken for ages.


wasn’t aware about the ping issue… that sucks.

Does anyone here remembers the command to show latency etc?


I’m not sure that works either, I haven’t tested it. Just use the one in Windows if you’re on a PC.


Funcom’s Server List reported that at 654 - at the same time this said that. LOL

And in this screen-clip you can see that is only gets my level right on 5 of my 9 servers - all of which I am level 60 on - and have been for months!

The age is only correct for two of the servers listed and three of the servers it thinks is zero days old. LOL

I don’t even look at server info beyond ping, on PS. @CodeMage
It’s so unreliable I stopped caring.

Ping on FC’s server list at this time only means you can use Connect or if it just happens to claim that it’s over 200 the you must click Direct Connect. It reports a ballpark correct ping only about 30 or 40% of the time.

Right, that’s why @Hellebrom asked about the command and I asked if they were thinking of ToggleDebugHUD.

One of the countless problems with the server browser – and the reason for my current side project – is that however they get the “ping” value, they only get it once and the “refresh” button stays disabled until the whole server list is … populated, I guess?

I haven’t yet ascertained how they get the “ping”, that’s one of the things I have to figure out. It might be the same thing you get via an ICMP echo request, or it might be something else they’re measuring :man_shrugging:

At any rate, thanks to everyone who confirmed rating is broken. I can leave that column out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Whatever it is it’s inconsistent as hell!

I reported it several times in the bug section. You can load the game and it will tell you the ping is 63. Quit and reload the game and there’s a strong chance it will report 600 to 800. Quit and reload again: 400, then 90, then… well, you get the idea.

I think maybe some of Siptah’s RNGs have leaked into the server list window. :smiley:

Yeah, on PS we don’t have those things.

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