Are Some Thralls Admin-Only?

Saw this come up elsewhere, but are there certain thralls in this game that can only be spawned using admin commands? My friend spawned in a thrall when the one he had knocked out fell through the floor (before we knew you could just run away and come back), and it’s one we’d never seen before and haven’t seen since. The Wiki doesn’t have any information about her (Fleet-Foot), but it’s also notoriously incomplete and out of date.

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The ones with NO in the K.O. field are admin-only

You’re probably referring to this one though:


Yes. Some are absolutely fantastic. Way too OP for official servers. You can have an Arena Champion as your thrall. Or a Ladagara. They are monsters.


Some of those are bosses that aren’t “supposed” to be thralls, though. I’m specifically wondering if there are named, non-boss NPCs that can only be spawned through admin codes.

Of course, that request in and of itself is a bit flawed. On the spreadsheet, I see Ana the Reaver and Ciria the Mad as “No.” They are 1-star minibosses you can find in the field, but I’ve been able to knock them out and put them on the friendship merry-go-round without a problem.

I guess it would be more accurate to ask if there are any NPCs that do not spawn in the world naturally and need to be brought in via the admin panel.

No idea. If you find any, let me know. :blush:

Everything on that list are “supposed” to be thralls :stuck_out_tongue: Since the list only contains NPCs that have a complete thrall system and leveling components in place.

I get what you’re asking though, however if there would be NPCs that aren’t available in the world then they wouldn’t be balanced for the world anyway and would fall under the same category as a boss, no? You would have no guarantee…

I think first and foremost what you need to understand here is that “admin” is not some intended “playstyle”. Those are debug tools and administrative tools to help devs / server admins. They are not in any way polished or intended as some finished game-style so there was absolutely no thought going into intentionally putting thralls in the database for “admin players” specifically.
Any that might end up as such would be simply because they made an NPC and didn’t find a place for it in the world so it exists in the database.

As for Ana the Reaver, I’ll take a quick look at that, because you may have found a bug in the list, that shouldn’t be a NO :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m mostly wondering if there are NPCs who, by whatever unfortunate coincidence, were programmed in but don’t spawn in the game naturally. In the spirit of Poke’mon, we gotta catch 'em all, so I’m seeing if t here any that need bit more coaxing than others.

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Ladagara is so fun to take out on a play date :grin:


(That was actually quite stupid… so it turns out way back I figured out the formula correctly… but then I spotted an NPC that said “Yes” instead of “No”… and for that I altered the formula and it seemed fine until you pointed out the above…
So on closer inspection… from all 1683… the NPC that made me alter the original formula… was literally the only one that was actually set to ignore any concussive damage despite having a max consciousness of 3750… so it was immune to knocout for completely different reasons… and it was my luck to pick him as a random test which made me alter things :slight_smile: )

As for this however… I truly don’t understand your reasoning behind this :smiley: and I’m not trying to be mean here… it just makes no sense to me.
By definition admin-only thralls are the ones that CAN be thralls because they have the system in place, however you need to spawn them with admin because they are immune to being knocked out so a regular player couldn’t get them even if they walked up to them, that’s the only thing that makes a thrall admin-only, nothing else.

Not being on the map atm for whatever reason doesn’t make it admin-only… it just makes it missing, it might show up during a purge or a future event or dungeon, though if it’s in the database it generally has a purpose.

I’m pretty sure the ones on that list all show up at some point or another, but seeing as we have multiple maps… some might be exclusive to one map while the others to another map.
For example an Accursed Berserker will never show up on Exiled Lands, since it’s a Siptah NPC and the Forgotten Tribe would probably kick his skinny behind back on the boat he came with :joy: , does that make it admin-only?.. I guess… on Exiled Lands… :slight_smile:

There are many spawnable thralls that not only cannot be captured in the wild (or on the map you may be on) but are unimplemented in the game altogether. They exist, they just have no home.
The same is true of several items in the panel as well. They can be spawned and that is the only way to see them.

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@Kamonichan, I find it hard to believe that no one has just come out and answered your question yet. The Simple answer is, Yes, there are some thralls in the admin panel that do not spawn naturally in the world and others that only spawn on a specific map and others still that only spawn under certain circumstances (Purges & Surges).

@Xevyr explained the why of it. These thralls are often ones that were either intended to be placed (spawned naturally) in the world but never were, or they were removed from the map for whatever reason and simply no longer spawn anymore. I’m pretty sure the reason you haven’t seen Faergh Fleetfoot, is because she is a Purge thrall (from the Cimmerian Berserkers Purge). I hope this answers your question.

Edit: @LostBrythunian’s answer must’ve beat me by mere seconds. :upside_down_face:


Yes… but… but…
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She is unique in terms of looks (that change quite a lot, but it’s easy to spawn a godess). You can find clones of all the others in the world but not hers. :wink:

Yes, some thralls are admin only. My single player admin only thralls are Lagedera, the Witch Queen, the Arena Champion and an Emissary. Purges aren’t a problem for those four.

Just complementing your answer with some more info for @Kamonichan , our collector. :smile:
If you want a t4 dancer with big breasts, purge dancers are the ones to go. Otherwise you only have Lianeele.
Now, on Siptah it’s relatively easy to get one with surges. On the EL, good luck… Possible, but you need to be very, very lucky.
So, purge and surge thralls do spawn in the world, but under certain conditions. Some thralls, apparently don’t, as @DaVice and @LostBrythunian noted. I had no idea about it.

Nothing is a problem for them. :smile:
Search for Dunkas. (Dunkas the Mad Eye, if I remember correctly). He is also a monster. Three skulls boss as Ladagara. He spawns occasionally on buccaneers bay. Gives quite a fight, that one.

I have a rather ferocious wild ‘pet’ between the purge spawn point and my base. Don’t need more thralls. I just have a sign out front that says ‘Beware of Dragon’

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Yepyep, i personally like my Black Dragon Commander thralls as a agility substitute that doesn’t prattle about Set. For an Aquilonian Army Boss, they aren’t all that OP.

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This one, during more stable times, would comb the admin panel looking for nifty stuff.

A couple updates back, we could admin spawn crossbows.

There are Demonic Amazons, several varieties of Berserker who are neither Accursed nor Cimmerian, and Sennu with his Wolves to name just a few.

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I’m no stranger to the admin panel myself, but there’s plenty there to discover still. :wink:
If you have suggestions you think I would like, I would appreciate them, @LostBrythunian .

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