Are the god avatars enabled yet?

I think they were disabled half a year ago now, and I know they were still officially disabled in September. I haven’t seen news of them being enabled again, but I noticed I can craft “True name of Derketo” and “True name of Ymir”, but not “True name of Mitra” nor “True name of Yog” (I have T3 or T4 priests in each of these altair, and “God Bubble” available in all of them).
So what’s going on?

Just talked about 2 days ago on the last dev stream.

Then why do I see “True name of Derketo” and “True name od Ymir” available in my Altairs on official server 1038 (PvE-C)?

Due to the exploits they are reworking the god system, my opinion they should just make way with the ability to summon a god and make them more of a buff type system. I’m old school if I’m attacking your base then I myself am attacking, I find it so cheap you can just summon gods and wipe a base with little defense against them. Pvp people build ugly cause building pretty is harder to defend piling up foundations is a better defense then a beautifully built castle. At least with explosives they need a little stradegy to find a way in and time not just summon a god or 3 and boom an hour and half base is wiped. A clan of 10 can gets those tokens faster then a single person or smaller clan this system needs a rework for more balance for everyone, or removed or turned into a buff system as stated above. Its PVP Player vs Player not PvPvG Player vs Player vs God

@zerog, @Multigun
Ok, but as I wrote twice I have “True Name of Derketo” and “True Name of Ymir” available to craft in my altairs on an official server.

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