True name god summoning

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Has this been enabled once more? If so would that include isle of siptah? I would love to scare a person or too. Running over others with camels and then ambushing has lost the appeal.

This one participated in a Jhebbal Sag summon party just a week or so ago.

Wasn’t on Siptah, but other than some lag, went over fairly well.

Do note, avatars have been supremely nerfed.
Good for spectacle, but not much else.
While they last 10 minutes now, they only do 1/10 of the previous damage and against structures (such as Al Merayah and the bases on Siptah) that means not much at all. May clear the constant respawning enemies and destroy placeables, but other than doors, the structure will likely be intact.


Gods are enabled on all Official servers; PVE, PVE-C and PVP.

The last time they were disabled was 4 years ago, were re-enabled 3 years ago and haven’t been disabled since.

I recall a comment you made recently about it. I wasn’t joking when I told you they were enabled XD

What makes you think they’re disabled?


Use Derketo and even in pve-c you may do more than scare them. But beware because you will open a Pandoras box here

Derketo in single player, without pvp enabled, did 3 times the damage that Jhebbal sag did on Wonka server. She was not damaging however the structures with her breath but as she was walking on the walls. Of course she killed all the personnel and the commanders behind the walls. 40 seconds before she get dismissed the fortress fell and the horn of victory sounded. If i will summon however Derketo again it will be about 2 minutes fight… Or whatever it’s called when we summon a god :rofl:.


I made this post today no? I guess I may have asked this before, again I recall them being disabled but not a announcement of it being reinstated.

Yog on single player doesn’t even load properly looks just like a blood pool nothing more.

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My only complaint is the distance issue rather than changing and going to find them, I am limited to a small spot but if I do it in the center maybe someone think its a spurge and shows up during it or ill trigger a surge and ignore it change and ambush anyone who came to kill/assist/steal/etc. Lol last night I ran over a person at there base with a camel killed him and my thrall all most killed his, I took the gnarled fang and told him he was fine to collect his stuff. Lol could have done the worst spawn killing ever but one good beatdown is enough while I waited on family to try lead to the dragons. Didn’t go well. Lost a thrall to some npc that gives scraps I got annoyed and killed that npc a few times. Is it possible for a npc to to 660 dmg in a single hit with a two hand steel warhammer?

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Yes you did mention it before :slight_smile:
Perhaps you might be remembering the announcement that bubbles were removed.

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That would make since that it was enabled again. Time to get the religion going and wait until someone surges to go crazy and scare a few, going naked so they get no goodies after Lol

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Bubbles or avatars?

Milly is an explosive npc wearing a helmet (you can leave your hat on).
She has 3 Warhammers not just one :rofl:.
But anyway. No joking right now :wink:. Warhammer is a weapon with really heavy attacks, but they are slow…
Thralls are so stupid, that no matter how slow the attack is, they will stay to accept the whole freaking combo. But let be honest, npcs are no smarter at all :rofl:.


Both pretty much but I am sure its all re-enabled

Bubbles were removed entirely with AoW ch 2 and not just disabled. This made some believe it was due to a possible religion rework or new religion Age. We’ll find out I am sure. But I believe it’s also because bubbles were exploited with certain hanging bases, if you recall when those were popular.

At the same time they increased the timer for a god to 10 and reduced the damage substantially, nothing really happens until about the 5 minute mark and by 10 it’s a gamble to see that it did much if anything.

Anyway, like I said gods haven’t been disabled for 3 years. Maybe you were on a private server that disabled them?

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Maybe but I’ll work on my religion aspects as I finally caught up to be able to make teleports finally, I would assume that it is still usable as you state.

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