Armathia: Paradise Lost (AoC/EEWA (E)RP/18+)

Looking for a fresh start? Just a little bit lower difficulty threshold for AoC and EEWA so you can RP and not be brutalized at the same time? A little change in the default lore? New server, launched July 6th. Experienced server owner.

Coming back for 3.0? Come make your land grab on a fresh server :slight_smile:

At the moment I am also the only admin, so please be patient.

Looking for anybody interested in helping a server grow as admin, experience a plus but not required.

Primarily a RP server but all are welcome. If you are new to Conan, we are new player friendly as well as veteran players that want to try modded servers.

Server Location:

Server by ServerBlend
Dallas TX
Server IP:
US Central Time

Discord: Gaming Junkies

Mods List and load order: Steam Workshop::Armathia: Paradise Lost (AoC/EEWA (E)RP/18+)

Server Guidelines and Lore: Armathia: Paradise Lost Server Guidelines - Google Docs

Server Perks:

Paragons Leveling: Level to 300, with attribute increases until level 300. Feat gain after level 60 is off, though you will still gain feats from AoC up to level 120 AND you can still gain feats through fragments of power. This is to help promote a player economy.

AoC: Access to be part of every faction will NOT be granted. This is to promote a server economy, the same as turning feat gain off at level 60 for Paragons.

AoC and EEWA: Difficulty has been lowered for both AoC and EEWA. This decision was made to make the content accessible to everyone, even the most casual player. This content does not need to be brutal, but it is still a challenge to all but the most hard core players. Ymir is off except for admin events or Admin random whims. EEWA camps are not PvP zones.

PvP is still allowed on the server with the battle flags as well as the AoC battle grounds, as well as possible PvP arena events. (Future plans for the AoC battle grounds will involve rewards for the faction with the highest totals)

Purge is off and will only be used for Admin events.

Faster crafting times and thrall training times.

Increased harvest amount.

Increased stack sizes as well as storage space in chests and work stations.

Increased overall XP with the exception of survival XP and harvesting XP, those have been lowered to the minimum.

Economy is Pippi coins. The AoC, EEWA and vanilla currencies are used for their respective NPC merchants and the EEWA quick travel system (see below).

Level boost of 60 levels but must be claimed before level 241.

Starter building kit and gear.

Bonus leveling kits at level 100, 200 and 300.

RP hubs and a player market.

Longer hunger and thirst times.

Longer consumable spoilage times.

Day and night cycles are slower than vanilla for immersion.

Corruption gain is at the minimum setting.

Summon Avatars is off.

Immersive Quick Travel System placed at several locations, all interconnected. For the cost of a few silver, a Travel Guide will take you close to where you want to go.

EEWA quick travel is enabled, but there are requirements:
Cartographer Feat
50 vanilla gold coins in your inventory (consumed on use)
You must discover them before you can use them.

Set waypoints around your base for your thralls, assigning them patrols, sleep and training with the Thralls Are Alive mod giving your thralls something to do besides just stand around.

Everybody can use a free warp to the Faction Hall. Command /warp FH.

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