Armor/blacksmith tables don't repair armor or weapons

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug? unsure if this is on purpose
Server type: PvP
Region: 6406

So pre patch i could repair weapons and armor with mats in the respective benches as long as i have the feats unlocked. Now i can’t. I keep getting i don’t have the expertise to repair. I have the proper feat unlocked and the recipe learned(vicious armor exceptional quality).

Please let me know if this is intentional and we can only use armor repair kits? or if this not working as it should, or if im missing something.

You cannot repair exceptional armors at the benches anymore because exceptional/flawless recipes were removed. You can repair them with kits, I suppose or craft the new armors.

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Thanks for the info, makes sense

Use legendary repair kits for those, since many Siptah recipes are bugged right now this might be smarter than replacing them with the new recipes.

If you have access to a Temperwright or Tempersmith (Armorer/Blacksmith with blue hammer symbol) just apply those to the Tinker’s Bench.

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