Armor Display for Crafted Armor

I have a couple people in our my clan and a couple other clans on the server I play on asking if I think they will ever come out with a Armor Display. As they have the display for weapons. An when you go to learn some armor you have to click a display. So I said I would post and ask.

Was suggested many times…

Would be great to have it like Skyrim or some other games, where you can swap loadouts on the go.

So you can give the armor rack whole armor and an “weapon loadout rack” with 8 items.
When you click on it, it swaps the current armor you have or all your 8 items.

The Fashionist mod has an armor stand. While that doesn’t help you on official servers it’ll work for singleplayer, and most modded private servers seem to use it too.

i vote yes again

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