Armor Display Racks

We have Racks for shields and for weapons, can we PLEASE get some racks for Armor!?


I +1 this, I made a post about this a while back and got equal amounts support and disapproval. Several others have asked for this in the past. Hopefully funcom devs will listen to us one day.


I don’t understand why anyone would want to disapprove this LOL. I know there’s a mod or two that can do this but it would be nice for it to be a part of the actual game itself. In my opinion the less mods you have to run the butter.

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Armor racks similar to Skyrim would be much appreciated. I would buy a Dlc with that and a couple of other things. Be able to have that armor rack would allow running over to the set you want in a hurry . Good way to separate dyed items.


This suggestion springs up quite regularly Purgatorywolf, and often enjoys a lot of support when it does. Im not going to get drawn into the debate too deeply this time, as I have debated this ad nauseum in the past, and fairly recently too. But here are some links to some of the higher voted, and interesting discussion threads. Hope you find some interesting reading within.


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