Display Rack for armor

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Hello everyone, Exiles.
I want to offer just such a thing:
Rack for armor. And / or Armor rack 5 cells.
I built a museum on a pve-server so that passing players could see how this or that weapon looks, and it occurred to me that I could not show my armor. Yes, you can use thralls for this, but each dlc-armor of three types (light, medium, heavy) and legendary clothes are not completely complete, and thralls can not stand close to each other.
Rack for armor 1 cell. Where can I put 1 any item of armor.
Rack for armor 5 cells. Where you can put 5 different items (arms, legs, head, feet, body)
It does not matter from the wall or from the floor.

Wet dreams: 6 slot for armor under a backpack. (yamatai, aquilon, leather, rags, tanned leather, and so on)


You are certainly not the first member to request Armour Display Racks/Mannequins Myrzik_72, and you shall you be the last. Nor will this be the first, or last time I lend my support to this suggestion. You have my absolute support on this highly sought after feature.


A version of a mannequin/human archery target basically…that you could dress up to display your armors would be cool.


This is a good idea defo need this in game


should be easy for them to do they already have taxidermy


Well it’s been a consistently popular suggestion nearly from day one (of early access that is). I know for a fact Funcom is well aware of it, too. So it’s either that they don’t want to do it because they don’t think it’s fitting (possible) or that it’s low priority (also very possible). Maybe a bit of both. But given how often it’s suggested, I’d think it would be fairly high on the list. Of course it’s an interactable placeable so it’s a bit more difficult to do than a lot of the “dead” placeables we’re seeing these days, like the UC stuff (though they’re appreciated, too!).


I think it would make it worth the raiding if you could display your haul in your base


My clan and I would LOVE to see this feature added. I know the devs have a lot on their plate and that game development is not an easy thing to do but they could very easily work off of the code for the weapon and shield racks.


Thank for your support, I hope the developers will hear us and will soon introduce Racks/Mannequins


There is a small mod called Fashionist that adds an armor display mannequin, and the ability to “transmogrify” what you’re wearing with another set of armor while not having to carry around 2 sets of armor (which is what I thought you had to do at first xP ).

Mods is mods. I play on the official pve-server without mods

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If only we could RanDumGai. Unfortunately we have no mod support for consoles.

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That would be awesome! I could finally free my poor T1 fighters that have been placed in little niches with a fence piece to act as my wardrobe lol :joy:

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We all want this. The armor display, not letting your T1 thrall out.

The 5-slot racks should also be given the option to swap with your current equipment.

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Im sorry I cant find this quote for us all, but I know that Tascha previously replied to a general post I made regarding this topic. At the time she said it was around the top of a large pile of suggestions they were considering. HOWEVER, that was a considerably loooong time ago now. It may be that it is too tricky to achieve, or maybe any plans to work on them just keep getting derailed ed by other emergent issues. But as it stands now…22 likes(!), Funcom please guys, we need a clear cut answer on this recurring issue! Please…either release them or if it cannot be done then let us know. We just want a straight answer.