Armour display stand

Funcom you’ve given us a weapons and shield wall rack to display are wares on the walls of are fortresses to are clan mates and those who enter them but how about a armour stand for us to display are fav armour too, instead of just stuck away in a large chest somewhere.


simply use fighters, archers or bearers as display stands^^

Yeah thought that but then you can only have so many as thralls cant be place right next to each other therefore taking up more space but if u had a stand you could place then right next to each other without the need of a couple foundation gap.

yeah very simple, I use this “not use” thralls to do that job:sunglasses:

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Thralls require food. They require maintenance. They move. I agree with the OP that armor stands would be wonderful to have!


Could do but still an armour stand would still be nice and you cant denie you wouldnt use it if you could.

Cheers kelvani, nice to see someone agrees and all your points are very true.

Well it just makes sense! Why stop at weapon and shield displays. They could make a simple mannequin model based off their thralls if need be instead, and just turn off animations/proximity and feeding, I suppose… but heck even Minecraft has an armor stand. =D


Yes, this would be nice. Skyrim has them, Fallout 4 has them. Heck, even Portal Knights has them now. Just because Ark refuses to add them, (A holes) Doesn’t mean Conan can’t have them.

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There should also be weapon racks like the ones in skyrim. as well as armor stands.


Yes love it…


hi i think theres a mod which does something like this on steam workshop,
there was a youtube video on their mod page which looked like the player just went up to an armour stand (having whatever set of items it had on it, and with an easy click they suddenly had that outfit on their character) :slight_smile:

i just upgraded my Ymir to the next tier, and unlocked a Ymir set of armour, so can imagine how cool it will be to make several of those as i unlock (and make) full sets etc.

try saying this several times in a row…
“have no fear, upgrade your Ymir to another tier, while drinking a Shroom Amanita Beer” :smiley:

Weapon (two kinds) and Shield racks exist. Yeah sure more varied options would be great there, no argument, but that goes for just about everything :slight_smile:

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To OP: I’m agree no matter how many times the suggestion is going to be published (this is not the first one)

I don’t want. I understand your point, I thank you for the proposal, trying to help :blush: . But I don’t want to use Thralls like mannequins, I want armor stands.

Hi there, I just want to remember that there are console players (like me) that haven’t the modding option :disappointed_relieved: . By the way, the mod you talk about is the “fashionist” mod for pc.

edit to correct wrong-written words


This topic raises it’s head quite often, I genuinely don’t understand their resistance to giving us an armour stand. There is a model already in the game and it’s been requested sooo many times.

@Tascha Please fight this one for us in your next group meeting :slight_smile: I’d like to have a mannequin NPC which just stands in one place an never reacts or moves.

Like this:
and this:


I’d have to agree, considering how consistently popular this suggestion is. Granted, it’s more complex than the weapon racks, but even so. It seems like fairly low-hanging fruit.

Edit: Bah, PG version of Tenacious D, that’s like alcohol-free beer. No way I’m sharing that. Video updated!


is it so complex? just remodle the thrall boddy and lock? Well it depens on howe its coded.

By doing that you also can get the option to turn useless crafting thralls+ combat thralls and pets to more decorativ elements on stols, beads and other thins…

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In a vacuum? No, probably not. I only said it’s more complex than weapon racks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s super complex itself. But to be fair, they’d have to:

Agree on how this should be implemented
Design and model the assets (the mannequin models)
Design the interface (not much there, but still)
QA everything, particularly making sure it doesn’t break something else
Plan and assign manpower to all of the above

Obviously none of that is an insurmountable task, but they’re still all things that have to be done. And if you’re building a new system on top of the thrall system (pets, feeding) you probably don’t want someone fiddling with or inheriting from the NPC system for something like a minor nicety (albeit a very popular one) while you’re doing it.

But sure, it could be done, it’s just a matter of deciding to do it. Given Funcom’s current workload though, anything they do is also something else they don’t do, and “correctly” prioritizing that is not as easy as it might sound when you have to take the big picture into account.

All that said, I still hope we can have armor stands at some point.

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Yes its not the first prio, unless its a easy wayto do it. But still its more importand stuff to do.

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oh sorry @Armel i didnt realise you were console, thats true for non-modded versions. and thanks for remembering the Fashionist mod :slight_smile: