Yet another call for armor stands

I would like to put out another call for armor stands to be added to the game. Seeing as we now have displayable weapons on our characters, and one of the newer armorer benches has a lovely suit of armor displayed on its model, and with the age old weapon and shield racks. I think it would be the perfect time for us to have stands for all the armors we have collected. I’ve no clue how taxing it would be but from what I’ve seen funcom has a knack for pulling off the “it can’t be done because of X reason” stuff and doing it anyway.


They would be a little more taxing than weapons racks. And that is mainly because of some flow physics and the dye patterns.

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Don’t get me wrong, I know that it would be taxing. But they said mounts weren’t possible and funcom managed to execute that like the absolute legends that they are. Honestly I think they thrive off of adversity. If anyone can do it I’m sure they can.

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It certainly can be done but it puts stress on the server (thats what I recall) so its a little of a question of if its worth it if the rest of the game is optimized enough. Its undoubtedly less stress than thrall armor stands, but now with thrall caps, maybe its ok?

Until then, pc users have mod options for this where they can decide whether the performance hit matters to them on their own private server.

Client. Big time.

Armors have a lot of detail and right now the only way to bog down clients by spamming armor is to have thralls, which are finally capped. Now imagine adding the ability to place hundreds of armor stands, displaying the most intricate and detailed armors in the game. I can almost hear the screams of console players…

That said, I also want armor stands, despite that. Although I would love cosmetic (i.e. zero-AI, not-simulated-on-the-server-at-all) thralls much, much more.


Still … once again I support your Idea , maybe one day m8 , maybe … you never know :wink:

Thanks for the clarification. I kind of thought it would be the client but wasn’t sure. I just know funcom has said directly they are worried about performance with having armor stands.


I’m not the brightest but couldn’t you just reskin a thrall to essentially a stick man, remove the AI, and make it craftable?

I would be 100% ok with them being limited to a set number owned by a clan. I know ark has a similar limit for their training dummies, loadout mannaquins, and taxidermy bases. I think that if funcom keeps pumping out the optimizations like they have been then maybe one day indeed we can have armor displays for our bases.

Armor stands would be nice although if it causes performance issues, I am fine without it on Official Servers.

Some mods do have armor stands like Fashionist if you really want an armor stand.

A wardrobe would be nice where you could setup different armor/weapon and attribute loadouts and quickly swap.

Sadly I am a console peasant. But I agree that performance comes first. However I think with funcom constantly implementing optimizations, and combined with a limit on the number that can be put In an area at once I think we could one day have them.

I mean personally I can’t imagine a person would need more than 100 of them at once. I also however try to keep even the pretties of fortresses relitively small if it can be helped.

I seen someone have every available set displayed in his building. Most in the main room and the rest in each bedroom for each clanmate. (A clan of 9 on my server).

While I would like Armor stands but all these discussions regarding performance recently, this item may not be the best item to add at the moment. In the future, sure.

Yes, optimizations are getting better. Takes mere seconds to load structures now where it would take much longer in years past. Loading one type of building blocks in rapid succession before finishing off with placeables is a vast improvement. Supposedly, the next patch does more optimizations for the game.

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Private server do have them from mods but most limits the amount you can build along with placeables thus they are better performance but lots of them also say not to certain weapons or build styles because they don’t like them which is why I would only play single or official. But certain armors are more taxing than others so we would have to be careful on what or how they are used

What about cosmetic non-interactive armor stands or helmet stands? You could craft the kind you want in an artisans table, they could be scaled down a bit and made completely static so cloth physics wouldn’t be a problem

That would be lovely. Please, Funcom, make it happen

Yeah I think that’s the real problem, right there.


uhhh we have them as Mods … since forever its possible to put it as vanilla … its not exactly hard … or taxing. i say light source are more taxing then armor stands. though if funcom really wanted to … just make them ten per character to have out at once that would be a good thing to have.

i think that’s a complete misinterpretation. they are quite noticeable for the clients and you can test that relatively easy with the armor stand from my mod. find a free area and activate the debug infos. now ride several times out of render distance and back and watch the debug infos. in the next step you set up some armor stands from my mod and equip them with the most elaborate armor you can find in the game. now repeat the test. if you don’t see the difference in the debug infos you should get some glasses. the effects on the client are clearly visible even on a highend computer. if you apply the whole thing to the much more limited consoles then the collection of armor stands becomes a first class lag fest for all clients. skeletal meshes with physics have a price tag and that’s not really small on weaker computers or consoles.

additional restrictions, like 10 armor stands per player, don’t make the implementation easier. on the contrary more expensive and complex and in the worst case completely unattractive from a development point of view



The only realistic option here would be to develop an “armor stand” static mesh for each armor piece, one with no cloth physics, skinning or other CPU intensive stuff. But that’s a HUGE undertaking, development-wise.

I don’t know Funcom’s internal pipeline (for obvious reasons) so I can’t say how doable it would be to automate this - it’s one of my fields professionally, so I know it’s theoretically possible* - but that doesn’t mean it’s viable, and almost certainly not trivial, for Funcom to do this.

*in some circumstances, again: I don’t know the specifics here