Display for armors

Please we really need some special display for armor, to decorate! will be very good instead of stocking them in boxes! thanks!!


Sawsaw you are one of the many, many, MANY people to request this feature. I really want this, more than (almost) any other feature. We were told recently that this feature is in doubt because they are expensive and if we have “tons and tons of them they might negatively impact server performance”. If that is the case, I say we just apply a limit to the number of them we can have. Either way, I encourage yourself and other users to continue asking; the more support and requests it gets, the more likely they will be to give it serious consideration.


When the mannequins are introduced, the forum will end, because there will be nothing to write about.
How can this affect performance if we now observe Espolin castles and thralls in the walls as mannequins.

I’m guessing you are not on PC then? If you are, there are already a couple of great mods that add this.

I do agree it should be part of the default game though.

I am on PC but no mods on serv

I used to use low level thralls to display/store my personal armours near my bed. Since the follower limit was put in place I’ve stopped doing that and use cupboards instead as the thralls need to be placed at strategic defensive locations.

I think it would be nice to have a display for armor as a ps4 user


While it probably should not, it kind of bothers me when people tell us to ‘use a thrall’. I mean who among us would have your friends all stand around your house wearing all of your finest clothes? Nope? Ok then, how about a bunch of random homeless guys…? Which is virtually on par with what slaves are. I thought not. Its unseemly and yes, even gross.

Thats not to mention that sometimes these ‘manequinns’ die defending our base and our hard earned armors sometimes disappear with them. Its the same principle as Skyrim for me. Sure I could dress my housecarls (mere manservants) in my finest apparel, but I would much rather use the Armor Display Manequinns.

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PS- we actually had this one come up quite recently. I think the ‘likes’ are a good testament to the ideas populatity.

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We already have weapon display racks so this isn’t too far from that to be quite honest, and as far as my thralls, I generally dress them up on armor suits that I have crafted so they can better defend my base from purges, and therefore I don’t take their items from them. I actually craft some of each tier of armor for them as well. Generally I give the thralls that wield knives as either their primary weapon or the archers who have them as secondary the highest quality light armor I can craft, med armor I give to the ones that still need some freedom of movement but need a bit more protection when they use one handed weapons and a shield. The two handed weapon users I give heavy armor. It also allows me to distinguish between them when I wander my world as to who’s technically with me. Since the thralls aren’t temperature effected which I’m glad about I use the armors that go with the type of building style they’re guarding so they kind of fit in rpishly with it. But I would love something to store the extra gear that I am not taking with me when roaming around because it’d be too much weight to constantly carry when I need cold weather gear or hot weather gear etc…

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This topic appears from time to time and I’m always agree, it would be a nice addition


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