Armor display Manikin

I like to display armor types on manikins or display holders. Thralls move and can’t be placed close together. The display of weapons is cool but also needs a texture change to look grand too.


It’s a recurring request, always placed in the last position of priorities.

But I’d love it too :+1:

Maybe this time will be the good time :crossed_fingers:


Yes plz, not a priority but we sure need this !


Suggestion for now: make a 1 tile fence foundation (four foundations to make a 1 foot barrier) place thrall inside, display armor on thrall prevents the moving problem.

As for the placing thralls close together, there’s a trick to it. Place 1 thrall where you want your “mannequins” place another thrall 20 tiles away. Build THREE fence foundations around your “mannequin”
Attack the second thrall.
Place second mannequin in the same spot the original was in.
Place two more fence foundations to make a funnel
After “combat ends” the original will return to the spot they were placed, rather, as close as possible.
Rinse and repeat.
Close off fence foundations.

If you are trying to build on an existing foundation, just use a fence. It’ll be taller, but it will prevent your “mannequins” from wandering during combat.

You could also just place them on top of a small crate. To make it look like a pedestal. They can’t climb off the crate. But with the crate you can’t manuevre them closer to each other unless your are on a private server, just adjust the land claim radius to 0.01 and when your done sorting them, then out the landclaim back to normal.

Imo this is something that should have already been in-game and not needed to be suggested. There’s a few workshop mods which work well regarding this but I want to see this implemented on official servers - tired of people trying to defend what feels like an oversight by saying just use a thrall as an armor stand.


This needs to be a thing, I’d like basic a manikin and advanced manikin and weapon racks that are behind glass and can be locked.


It’s curious that they have weapon displays but not armor displays…

Also, it’s mannequin.

It would be really nice if they would add mannequins to the game. I like to have a room to display different types of armor.

As a workaround for it you can use Fashionist mod for now as it has mannequins you can display armor on.
Although if you aren’t playing on PC this might be less than useful. =/


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