Taxidermied Thralls to pose as mannequins?

These could serve for armor display purposes and maybe also weapons in their hands. Would probably be a great addition for RP.


Creepy as this might be, it might be the most expedient way for Funcom to implement them. Be cool if we could select what pose for them to be in, but at this point I’d be happy with them standing at attention.


Maybe have two craftable poses, 1 in guarding pose and one in combat pose allowing combat pose to display weapons as well while guarding pose just armor?

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Actually like this idea. It would be fun if say your on a pvp server you could use the look of players you killed as well while that’s probably a long shot it would be fun to “put your enemies heads on a stake” per say


Could even go the route of dressing the concept as sorcery. i.e. You petrify one of your thralls, put them in temporal stasis, or render them into a skeleton. It would give us a good way of getting rid of low-level thralls that we no longer need too. Petrify them into armor mannequins, at which point we could destroy them if need be.


Err… could I have a living thrall to act as a mannequin instead? I’m not a particularly squeamish person, but having stiffs decorating my house feels… wrong.

How about different grades of mannequin. (All with matching toggleable poses)

  • Sticks & Stone
  • Wood & leather
  • Shaped Wood & Silk
  • Shaped Wood & Harvested Thrall
    (A Fragment of Power Trade-in Recipe)
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This is not a shortcut to armor display racks, really - at least I don’t think it is. Though if they were going to do this, armor display racks should be an easy addition as well.

That doesn’t make it a bad idea in its own right, though. Creepy AF - sure, but that can be said for a lot of the decorative options.

True. I see your point and respect it. Just thought it would nice since I’ve heard some RP community I know of say armor display would be good to have just as they have weapon display racks and thought having a mannequin to display the armor instead of racks would be better, as “creepy” as it may seem to some people it would be good for some and lets not forget there plenty of “creepy” in the game as it is. Not to mention the already taxidermy animals that currently exist in game. It would come down to personal preference at the end (just like everything else) but it would be nice to have as an option.

It’s always good to have options. More is better and it comes down to personal preference at the end just like everything else, some things are not for everyone but for those who wouldn’t mind more options, it would be nice.

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