Mannequins, please?

Wouldn’t it be great to have mannequins to dress with your clithing that are stuck in boxes. Why can’t we make target dummies like you see in the towns? We’ve got targets for arrows bit we can’t use the practice swords on them dummies on our own base? Clothing Mannequins please…


Have you considered just using thralls? It’s what I do and it works great! :wink:


Fashionista mod has this if I am not wrong

But us on official want this to, pretty please?


Thralls are fine, but thralls get killed, wonder away, and you can’t put thralls side by side. A maniquin, you could put your gear and a weapon or tool in each hand.

And how about letting us build dummies we can train on or add to our bases, the ones you see in New Asagarth or other places?


Im not really a fan of this myself for two reasons. Thralls move around, and sometimes wander off and lose ones gear. And they stand in some downright weird poses. Like the cover of the Beattles Abbey Road, or James Hetfield.



The other is that for me, they are slaves! I dont want those dont want those dirty, wretched meatbags wearing my finest clothes and armour. Just as I wouldnt want a local hobo to pose in my clothes as a mannequin at home. Nah, my my thralls get a set of Light Armour, an Iron weapon, and until recently a bowl of Gruel, and theyre lucky to even be getting that.

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We would if we could Ragnaguard. However as it stands now, 2 out of the 3 platforms this game is available on do not have mod support. And based on what @Chairman said, neither do officials! The rest of us desperately want Armour Display Mannequins too! This topic has been recieving mountains of support for almost as long as the game has been out. Im sure Im not alone here when I say…it is time.


Nope, I tottally agree!!! Better than having an insane amount of thralls just to display ur armours…:slight_smile:

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The Yamatai, would be great to update that dlc for Shogun display with Katana duel sword display.

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