Armor Stands for Armor Storage and display!

I know its a fluff item, but with so many armor sets in the game it would be lovely to be able to have an armor stand to display my unused sets! Yes, the PVP mindset is that everything should be nailed and superglued to the ground so enemies cannot steal it, but this would definitely fit a medieval theme (halls lined with suits of plate come to mind) and it would allow for some organization as well!


I am for anything that adds to the immersion.

I agree to 10³% with you. And I wished they would add a vertical weapon post for like 5 weapons where you can add your long weapons, especially the spears. It would be so awesome to have a weapons room like that!


Definitely loving this idea! If we can display weapons … to display armour is the next logical step.

The Fashionist mod has armor stands and it allows you to visually display whatever armor you want and wear something completely different underneath. It’s great if you want to customize your look and not worry about the mechanics of certain armor that wouldn’t make sense for your character to wear.

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Mods are great, don’t get me wrong, but I am playing vanilla, on an official server. So, I would love to have them in the official game content.

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