Armor from Conan Exiles as vanity in Age of Conan

I would like Funcom to add the many different armor sets from Conan Exiles in Age of Conan just like they did with the Silent Legion Armor. Would be cool. I would buy some of the sets.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happening. I definitely would get some of them too.

  1. Add more stuff for token of gilding. I play for around 3 years an the shop offering was only extended once with legacy pets. The offering gets really old and boring now you know. Actually all Kind of vanity microtransactions would fit there.
  2. And if offering is fancy again make gilding tokens purchaseable like teleport coins by itself at a fair price. I dont like chests that contain them as by product.

That way i would spend bucks and highly prefer it over gambling on social stuff like in chests. You might sell less chests but if ppl know what they Get more would potentially buy stuff.


Agreed. New vanity could be added directly to the Gilding vendors, instead of making them random box drops.

Gilding tokens could be made account wide as well, and they could still be obtained from boxes from the item shop and purchased individually like @VoiceofCrom suggested. I’d bet both box sales would remain relatively good and those extra sales from Gilding token purchases would be quite good as well.