Old Store is never coming back?

(from someone else’s channel)

I really miss it. Since I was hooked on the game, everytime I managed some cash to buy the ‘Rise of the Godslayer’ expansion, I would spend it all on vanity armor. “Ok, next time I swear I’ll buy it!” And of course, spend it again on vanity armor or a character slot. It was this way all the time until they changed it to the new poor format. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring it back? Specially now that we have the possibility to also wear vanity weapons.

Many stuff from Conan Exiles could be ported to AoC, I presume. Even new things to personalize our characters (hairstyles, face and body paintings, etc.). And of course, more pets and mounts.

On the other side, since then, I bought all the expansions and have only one character slot available to buy. After that, nothing more.

I really missed it this past Christmas.


I agree the old store was much better than the current one. There were so many items to look at and purchase.