Death Dealer (probably new vanity)

I do not know if my whining about the quality of vanity and design in general has been caught or if this is just a mere coincidence.
All I wanted to say is only thanks Funcom, finally this is something in line with the setting of Conan, based on Frazetta’s drawings, this Death Dealer and his horse is damn cool, thank you!


Silent legion gear from conan exiles :stuck_out_tongue: ?


where is this from?

yes I know this they wrote that is on the anniversary of Exile,or something like that, but you still need to acknowledge when things are done well.
Better to add a badass gear in Exile and bring it here to us, rather than continue with stuff like the obscene vanity of the Saga of Blood and maybe bring in Exile our last horrible vanity!
I am of the idea that it is right to thank on a welcome thing, instead of brooding because in many years we have had evidence on evidence that “at worst there is never a limit”, it could have been much worse for us!

I have not said I would not appreciate, that gear was my fav gear to use in exiles :wink:
I play exiles on almost daily basis :stuck_out_tongue:

just to add, I would really hope some way to get the gear outside of those boxes QQ


I wonder how well they will be able to keep the texture quality when importing this armor from Conan Exiles into Age of Conan. On the screenshots the armor got a really awesome level of detail but I don’t think they are made in AoC’s engine.
I hope they can manage to keep the texture and 3D mesh quality on a similar level.

The armor itself looks great, reminds me a little bit of a mix between the Steel Plate and Dawnguard armor in Skyrim.
It’s not over the top (like some T4 sets in the game) but rather realistic and “simplistic”, like a real armor.
Maybe Funcom can manage to import even more armor sets from Conan Exiles to Age of Conan? I mean… many assets from AoC were reused in CE… so now it’s our turn to get something back :wink:


While the artwork is certainly decent this time why dressing up like a bride on a graveyard? To what or for whom? The last thing this game needs is new cosmetics. There is no content so the time of high adventure is over…

Yeah that’s death dealer from the old art works :slightly_smiling_face:

He is also featured in another barbarian production :smiley:


Just imagine: Black Castle revamp for lvl80 with hard mode and this gear dropping there…

They seriously look that awesome. Those poses in the OP were taken in-game within AoC; granted, they were taken at high resolution, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow, that is really cool!

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Would be nice if we could simply buy that armor set in the item shop rather than having to buy lottery crates.
So it looks really good but really? Are we supposed to go woohoo! because of new loot boxes? :smiley:


or Would be nice if we could just buy that armor at the 12 months abbo in the claim
as it used to be
but 100-200 € only for vanity is too much

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Or how about this dear Funcom, put the new loot box in game but let us buy the armor separately from the item shop for a bit more fc pts than a loot box. Idk. what a fair price would be.

And don’t worry about everyone running around with that armor, the new armor “smell” will wear off in a few weeks and people will look diverse again :smiley:

I just really dislike lootboxes since I don’t like paying for something random, that’s all. Give us options pls :slight_smile:



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So… you are saying you dont wanna pay 20€ to get 3 expertise point and 4h food? or even 50 esteem tokens to buy level 60 potions??:face_vomiting:

I kinda like the idea, to bring already created stuff from exiles back to conan. As it should be less demanding as creating it from scratch. But we definetly need more Gameplaycontent or changes to the existing content, so there is more to do than to bring your XX toon to T6 and run Chaos for the 20th combination or to run RF for more Shards for more Rings…

I have no problem with getting new vanity armor in the shop (and in game), but I do NOT want these items only found in lottery boxes. Put the vanity armor in the shop to be bought outright, either on individual characters or for an entire account.

Now having said that, adding items such as these as a revenue source for the game means I would expect actual game content be added on a regular basis, and I don’t mean more Saga servers.

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Sadly after watching this week’s stream I think I can guess what kind of Exiles content we will get. We will get vanity armor and pets and possibly mounts and they will all be inside loot boxes…

Just look at Secret world legends. When i tried it last year I was surprised to see how plenty of players were in hype mode everytime funcom announced a new type of loot box. I thought “wtf?”, but maybe it’s me getting old and lootboxes with random pixels is what players accept as good content in their online games these days.

I saw the stream too and i didn’t get why they actually do so much talk about a lil bit of vanity and not a single word about the other “projects in the making”, but i hope Andy has some real news in march.

Also it sounded like different people working on the vanity stuff and on the gamecontent stuff, so hopefully mussagana is working on some “unchained” Versions of 6mans or Raids.

A T7 raid and even if it is just recycled like T2 “Unchained” would be nice. Also some 6-mans like sanctum “unchained” with loot similar to T6 would be nice.

So I don’t mind them getting vanity stuff from exiles. But I’m on your side. They should make them purchaseable as is and not in lootboxes.