Changing the picture in the patcher?

Might be a silly suggestion, but the picture in the patcher is since when? Start of khitai expansion??

Could be refreshing to get a picture from dragonspine perhaps or just something new that is more in the theme of Conan?

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Maybe the banner that pops up once you click on Start too… “Check out the new ingame store!”… eh… that store is in the game since 7 years now… it’s not really new anymore… and it opens up anyways once you enter the game with a character ^^

Google Age Of Conan Quick Start and you won’t even have to use the Patcher to load the game

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This expensive and bad version of the store has only been in for a little over 2 years.

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“You grow careless, my King…”

Yes the store is terrible in its current state. You can’t even purchase bank upgrades anymore. When you click expand bank slots it takes you to the main store page where there are no expansion slot add ons… just an example. Plus all those vanity sets they used to sell… no more. It’s like Funcom has never played an actual mmo before. I mean they’re making progress but it’s all so half assed and lazy.

Didn’t them move many/most of those vanity sets to the Gilding Vendor? Essentially greatly increasing the cost to obtain?

Yes, theoretically, the prices for the vanity sets went up like 500% or something like that. Before you could unlock them for 450 FC points, you got them in your claims window for ever, now you can only buy them for 10 - 15 gilding tokens which you only get rarely from daily login rewards and from item shop caches. And it’s only for one character… and it wastes lots of inventory space because deleting = gone for ever.
Luckily I was able to unlock most sets before the item shop was “revamped”…

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