So... after playing a Demo up to 50, this is what it feels like

Yeehaww… a new rare cloth chestpiece dropped … upgrade .

I don’t believe i’ve seen a single good looking robe pre-raid sofar in this game,
they’re all a piece of cloth that someone didn’t bother giving any detailing whatsoever.

I guess that you don’t know where to look for. :grin:
Check this post on Cynara’s blog, you might find some hints: Level 40-69 world-drop sets :wink:

Yea it took Funcom an extraordinary amount of time to make any decent vanity armor in aoc. We didn’t even have a vanity system until a few years ago. And mages can only wear cloth so you’re even more limited in your selection of available armors or vanity (a fantasy trope I detest)

Can’t even buy vanity on the shop anymore

Abandon all hope ye who enter Age of Conan

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Well I’d think that was a good thing since they moved those over to the vanity npc vendor and you can buy them with the free gilding tokens you get from the daily log in bonuses.

Might take longer, but at least it’s not costing you any real money.

Doesn’t sound like a very good business model especially since some people would actually prefer to pay real money to get it sooner instead of waiting months for gilding tokens to build up. The gilding token system is fine but it shouldn’t have been a replacement for vanity items available on the store. Funcom kind of shot themselves in the foot with that decision. they shoot themselves in the foot with literally every decision though.

It was a very bad decision. Back then:

  • you would get Funcom points for subscriptions
  • you could buy single items of the sets
  • each complete set only costed around 250 points
  • for a few more points you were able to unlock them on your account, being able to claim them forever on all characters


  • they cost too many tokens of gilding, compared to the old prices these sets went up like 400% (same with pretty much everything else in the shop, the prices EXPLODED)

  • you have to spent extra money for tokens of gilding, even if you are subscribed

  • you can’t buy single items from these sets anymore

  • you can’t unlock them anymore

  • you have to store everything in your inventory because you can’t unlock them anymore

  • several sets were removed

  • the only “good” thing: if you grind hard enough you can buy a set for free in half a year (also need lots of luck)

All in all the new system is absolutely awful.