Old vanity gear

Back when I played there was a cash shop that offered vanity gear. I bought Marique’s Bi.tchmage set on my demonologist, unfortunately these are character bound so I cant let my alt borrow it.
Are things like this obtainable in the game somehow now?
I’ve also noticed, theres zero cosmetic items in the shop now. Which, is good and bad. Good, because I would have likely over purchased by now, but bad because most of the gear im finding in game looks pure bad. Is there any current info on cosmetic gear for 2021?

They can only be bought at the Gilding Token vendor (every main city has one). Gilding tokens can be obtained from item shop caches (those lootboxes with random loot in them, they always grant 2 or so), from daily challanges (the blue and epic boxes from daily challanges have a chance to drop 2 of them) or from event quests (halloween, anniversary quest, they all give 2 or so ONCE).

Compared to the old prices, these vanity sets now are insanely expensive, it will take you several weeks to get enough gilding tokens because there is no real way to effectively farm them other than doing daily challanges.

In case you “unlocked” these vanity sets back then in the old shop (you paid a few extra points) then you can still claim these sets / items on every character through the claims window which you can open in your inventory or through typing /claims in the chat.

hm…well that blows.

im not sure about the set I own but I did buy it on the old shop, but its not in my claims for other characters. maybe i dont have the full set? Or maybe its not considered a set?

Those were all pulled from the store and moved to the ingame vendor years ago.

In addtion to the places listed to get Gilding Tokens, you also get X number a month via the daily log in bonus.

It didn’t have to be a set, even single items could be unlocked. But you had to unlock them and not only buy them, unlocking was a bit more expensive but definitely worth it because the price was only like 25% more.
Now however… prices for each set pretty much went up by something like 1000% (yes, thousand %) if you want to buy it with real money - without the benefits of having them unlocked and deletable (now you need to keep every item in the bank or inventory, if you delete it it’s gone forever unless you buy the whole set again).

you can still buy them with real money? I dont see anything like this in the cash shop. am i looking in the wrong place?

You can only indirectly buy them with real money.
The armor sets can only be obtained with Gilding Tokens, said tokens can either be collected via daily challanges / event quests OR by buying item shop lootboxes for REAL money which always drop 2 (or more, the description in the shop says how many) of them when opening one.

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…got it.
thank you for clearing this up for me.

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